Creative writing in the cloud

Write the way you want to write, using any approach you like, in a simple, distraction-free environment. Keep your writing private, or share it with others. It's creative writing in the cloud. 


We encourage you to have all of your students use Yarny.  It’s free, highly functional, very intuitive, and cloud-based.  When we designed Yarny, we wanted to build a creative writing environment that focused on writing—not formatting, layout, font sizes, and the like—just writing.  Yarny is all about creative writing.  We also wanted it to be cloud-based so that our customers can access it from anywhere.  In the case of students, they can use both school computers and their home computer without having to copy or email files.

The Terms of Use we crafted for Yarny considers the use of the service by minors (less than 18) and children (less than 13).  We recognize that minors can’t be bound by a click through agreement, and that you and your school cannot assume any responsibility for student use.  Our primary remedy to counter misuse of Yarny is to close accounts, preventing further misuse.  We ask that if you see any misuse of Yarny that you let us know by emailing us at  We will work with you to ensure your, the students', and school’s best interests are served.


You may have found Yarny for your child to use, or your child may have come across it on their own or through school.  We want you to know that we take the matter of security and privacy very seriously.  We do not in any way sell, barter, trade, or give away our customer (including your child’s) information.  Further, we collect as little information as needed to ensure that we can provide adequate support.  Typically, this is an email address.  We encrypt all data sent between computers and our servers, including passwords, emails, and all writing.  We ask that you discuss with your child the importance of keeping their Yarny password secure to prevent others from accessing their writing.

We hope your students and children enjoy using Yarny and flourish as creative writers.  As always, let us know how we can make it even better.



The Students of the School of Computing and Informatics at Ivy Tech Community College - Bloomington Campus