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Michelle hartz

bloomington, in, USA


Recent Projects: Brains for the Zombie Soul, a parody of Chicken Soup for the Soul, written for NaNoWriMo 2011. Won NaNo, but I’m not quite done with the book.

I’ve got two Yarny stories:

One day, I opened up Yarny, went to my most recent chapter, and found all but the first 5 words missing. I panicked. Until I found the Previous Versions button. Somehow, I had deleted most of my chapter when I shut my computer down, but going back to the previous version, I got it back in all its wordy glory.

My writing computer, a netbook that I take with me everywhere, is slowly dying. Several times during November, I got the BSOD. At a write-in, my computer shut down on me, and I remarked, “Aw man, not again!” When someone asked me what happened, I said, “I just got the blue screen of death.” Everyone gasped and started to panic on my behalf, at which point I explained why I was so calm. “It’s not that big of a deal. I use Yarny, so all my work’s been saved, and I can get it back even if this computer never starts back up again.”

Those two incidents turned me into a huge Yarny fan. If you had stickers, I would happily put one on my laptop. I can’t wait for Offline access. I would have converted a few people to Yarny in November (by the way, I’m Bloomington’s ML), but many were hesitant that they couldn’t use it without an internet connection.