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john hutton



My name is John Hutton. I am a 27 year old South African currently living in Japan with my pretty South African wife. We teach English and I write in my spare time. I have been writing since I was in 13. Back then I used a bright red pen and a tatty ring-bound notebook. I used to write poetry and had a frustrated little heart. I like to think that my writing has matured since then and I now use my poetry to woo my wife and fuel the passion of romance. It seems to be working.

Thanks to Yarny I have been able to complete a lot of writing and stay organised at the same time. I finished a Nanowrimo, 50 000 word novel , in Yarny. I completed a SF writing course using Yarny. I shared my work using Yarny and my classmates loved it. I think some may even have started using it as well. In the past my notebooks and papers would get scattered to all corners of my home and office, now I keep them all neatly versioned in the cloud.

I am also currently writing a Story-Blog using Yarny and posting it here: It's a Journal about a young man who escapes into a house just as the undead begin to walk the streets in his town. He is forced to live alone at first and fortify his house in an effort to defend himself against the coming dark. I am in love with this story and have been for months, but I have finally started typing it and find Yarny's versioning function incredibly useful. I do my best to edit and rewrite my work before I post it.  Unfortunately much of it is still riddled with grammar issues and the like.

Japan has awesome internet connectivity and I can use Yarny on my iPod Touch, but I just hope I can keep using it when I go back to South Africa. My farm is out in the sticks and my folks have not managed to get a decent connection.

Yarny was so easy, simple and stylish that I had to go Premium. I'm serious, no one has paid me to write this. I love Yarny and the Premium was worth it for me. I am also keen to see newfeatures coming up sometime. Yeah, so that's me. I shamelessly adore Yarny because it links up perfectly with my biggest passion in life: writing. That's what I'm about and that's what Yarny is about.

Warm regards

Ps: Yarny has awesome customer service and they have emailed me back about all my queries and always make me feel like a valued customer, even when I was on the free version.