Creative writing in the cloud

Write the way you want to write, using any approach you like, in a simple, distraction-free environment. Keep your writing private, or share it with others. It's creative writing in the cloud. 

erin masters

phoenix, az, USA


I recently participated, and completed my first NaNoWriMo novel, thanks in great part to Yarny! Since discovered the cloud-based program, I’ve also been using it as a drafting table for my longer blog posts, as well as freelance copywriting and editing projects. Yarny has several wonderful features that I haven’t seen elsewhere – distraction-free writing helps me to stay “in the zone” and focus on the task at hand, the auto-save feature frees my mind of worry and allows me to plow through an idea without stopping, and the snippets are great for organizing different chapters, ideas, or blog posts. Yarny is a wonderful program and makes the writing process far more efficient, and gives the writer the peace of mind that their work is safe in the cloud.