Creative writing in the cloud

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d. g. speirs

lakeland, fl, USA


I love the way Yarny allows me to collect and organize the data in snippets and notes into my varios projects, and make them all accessible. This is where Yarny has really shined, by allowing me to collect and organize all the notes I've gathered in a year of wondering what the next story was. That's why I'm all ready to hit the ground running for this year's NaNoWriMo.

Using Yarny also works as an archival tool - I can always quickly refer back to what really was said in Chapter 23 of the first novel, and ensure I get the continuity right.

I've even created a sort of "junk drawer" with snippets of ideas that don't seem to naturally fit this series, but perhaps are just waiting for the right story to come back for them.

The ability to work anywhere means that I'm not tied to my desk, and I need not fear the loss or inadvertent washing of that USB flash drive (trust me folks - been there, done it, and it isn't a pretty moment). Write anywhere, and for the most part, know it's all safe and sound (nobody's perfect).