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Anne beach

west vally city, ut, USA


Recent projects: I'm currently working on two things back and forth so if I get stuck on one I just pop to the other. One is called "The World Ends at Midnight" a virus wipes out the whole world apocalyptic story "The last man on Earth sits alone in the room....there is a knock on the door" kind of set up. Its less about pegging someone for the crime of killing off 90% of the population and more of overcoming the odds and trying to hope for a future that might not exist. 

The other is untitled but its a little less serious and about time travelers that sarcastically try and escape the grasp of several evil organisations and in doing so become venerated as gods on some planets...which doesn't bode well since they're all kind of jerks.

What parts of Yarny you find most helpful:
I love the ability to organize! Its helpful to have the two sides. One to organise facts about people, places, and things!! Especially since you can have the main body on the other side and type up the main story and suddenly BAM you decide that the main character has a sister..pop over to the other side, pull up the character...add she has a sister in her history then pop back to writing your story. This way I can keep track of the changes I make and continually keep fact checking. Also a great helpful hint it to have a "Research" area in the Things tab and then put all your research on Time periods, weapons, and what not...this way you don't have to open Google/Wiki every time you need to fact check! Its so useful and handy and keeps me focused on the screen! I swear by Yarny!

Anything else you'd like to add: I love you guys! I tell all my aspiring writer friends to check you out! They all have loved it so far! I'd marry whoever came up with this idea!!! if I weren't already in love with an amazing guy!