Creative writing in the cloud

Write the way you want to write, using any approach you like, in a simple, distraction-free environment. Keep your writing private, or share it with others. It's creative writing in the cloud. 

Amber King

Mayodan, NC, USA


My two most recent projects in Yarny are:

SpellCaster, the story of a girl who still has hope in a world so corrupt with evil that it's falling apart at the seams. 

and: Daughter of Death, the story of someone who is going on a quest for the gods, fighting a sphinx, jumping off a cliff into a river of death, running into a burning room to save someone and going to the underworld to rescue the spirit of her dead mother from a monster she can't even see. (Did we mention Roman Gods? It all takes place in a world where Christianity just started to surface in the year 2011. So the Roman Gods have been the dominant religious force for most of the world for most of history.)

Neither of these projects are complete, and both are worked on consistently.

Why I love Yarny and other things: 

I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. When I first learned how to write, I filled pad after pad of that paper with the dotted lines with stories, whose legibility and comprehend-ability come into question.

In the first grade I came up with a story idea that I milked into a series until fifth grade, when I lost the stories I had written.

I had never felt more disappointed in all of my life. 

Then things changed. In sixth grade, I wrote less and read more. In seventh grade, I moved. I didn't write anything for most of that year. In eighth grade, I read a lot and wrote very little. In ninth grade, I wrote nothing that I didn't have to. 

In tenth grade, things changed again. I wrote more, I don't know why I started writing again, but I picked up something I had worked on in seventh grade and said, "Why did I stop writing this?" I continued work on that story for half of my tenth grade year. Then halfway through the year, the story changed, but my passion did not. That story evolved into the one that has kept me writing since then: Daughter Of Death. Today that story has over 29000 words and is climbing rapidly thanks to Yarny. 

Yarny has made it easier than ever for me to keep track of all of the stories that are in my head and write on them consistently without ever having to worry about losing the file. 

The interface is simple and took less than a minute to learn. 

This year, my eleventh grade year, at my high school we were given these "wonderful" devices to use called chromebooks. Chromebooks are internet based, they only do internet and internet things. With them there is no Microsoft Word, or equivalent, except Google docs (which in my own opinion, based off my own experience, is just plain awful.) 

I tried many things with mine to supplement the lack of word. I tried Google Docs, close but found to be very unreliable, it crashes often and just doesn't work half the time. I tried skydrive, it was great but just didn't quite fit what I wanted, too many fun options to play with. 

Then I found it. Yarny. Yarny is perfect, especially for someone like me who can no longer imagine a day without writing something. With Yarny I just sit with my chromebook and type. I can type away and never have to worry about bothersome distractions like the font I am typing in or if what I m doing saves. Yarny saves automatically which is great because I often forget to save. 

I don't have to worry about my stories at the end of the school year, when I have to return the chromebook, because with Yarny my work is available on all my devices. My chromebook and my netbook and any future computer I get. It's wonderful. The only downside to Yarny is that it can't be used offline, like my chromebook.  

Yarny has helped me in my Journalism class when Google docs stopped working, which is quite often. I love this program. Yarny helped me win NaNoWriMo 2012, CampNaNoWriMo Aug. 2012 and April 2013 and I know it will help me win in June too. 

Yarny saved my writing in more ways than one. Without Yarny and its sleek interface that is easy on my eyes, I wouldn't be near as willing to type my stories as I am. That's wonderful because I tend to lose paper.  

I love Yarny, and no I'm not paid to say that. I'd love it if there was Yarny merchandise that I could wear or stick to my computer. A shirt that says "powered by Yarny" would be wonderful.